Welcome to microscopy valley

The Dutch Technology Foundation (STW) has awarded a Perspectief Grant in correlative microscopy “Microscopy Valley” to a consortium of scientists and companies in the Netherlands. The consortium has the ambition to take correlative microscopy, the combination of optical and electron microscopy, to the next level. The team will develop new technology for correlative microscopy in biomedical research, including combinations of super resolution fluorescence microscopy with transmission electron microscopy, 3-D correlative microscopy with scanning electron microscopy, integrated correlative microscopy, integrated correlative Raman microscopy and probe development.

There are 16 positions available in this program for enthusiastic and talented PhD students, postdocs and technicians who like to contribute to this next step in advanced microscopy. Candidates with a background ranging from engineering, physics and (bio)chemistry to cell biology and molecular biology are encouraged to send their CV and motivation letter to one of the project leaders.

For general information please contact the program leader Prof.dr. H.C.Gerritsen,

correlative microscopy

Correlative microscopy bridges the  micro and nano world by combining fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy. The fluorescence microscope is used to identify regions of interest in large fields of view with high sensitivity. Next, the electron microscope is used to study the ultrastructure of the specimen with nm resolution.

clem example